Here is a retrospective collection of all my greatest work through the last ten years.  The collection begins with my latest painting, Breaking The Surface and goes back into time in the order I created it.  I've made alot of work over the years and selecting my favorites was an interesting process.  When going through my vault, it was like looking at a photo album full of memories and experiences.  I tried to pick the most memorable and essential pieces that I feel are and were important stepping stones onto the road I've traveled so far.  Honestly, most of my academic work makes me cringe now but I still like some of my early stuff and decided to include a few pieces so you can see where I started.  I'm very proud of my body of work.  I have a long journey ahead of me but I always relish in the chance to make another drawing or painting.  If you see an original piece or print you would like to own and it's not listed in my store yet, contact me and we'll talk!