Here is the first five paintings so far in my current series, Oz in Monterey County.  In 2014, I was taking a walk through Garland Ranch in Carmel Valley.  I was day dreaming and enjoying my walk down a path that snaked into the hills.  As I observed the beauty of my surroundings, I noticed how the sun ignited the road with light.  The sun created a yellow glow on the road and it reminded me of the yellow brick road from The Wizard of Oz.  "Hmm, I feel like I'm in the land of Oz" I said to myself.  I instantly had a desire to create a collection of paintings that depicted my everyday surroundings as one of my favorite fantasy lands, The Land of Oz.  The story of The Wizard of Oz mesmermized me as a child with all it's imaginative elements and magical storytelling.  I also saw this series as an opportunity to create something new and to go beyond the typical landscape painting.  Not only does this series pay tribute to one of my favorite stories, it also reflects the roads I've traveled since moving to Monterey County. Each piece is now available as a premium giclee print in my store.  To enquier about an original piece, please contact me.