Artist Statement

My love for art began when my parents introduced me to a long list of classic children's tales as a child. Stories such as The Wizard of OzJack and the Beanstalk, A Christmas Carol, Pinocchio, Hansel and Gretel, Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, Tom Sawyer and The Chronicles of Narnia. These stories, which were always beautifully illustrated, put my imagination into overload and have kept me in a world of fantasy and wonder ever since. My love for storybooks expanded into a deep love for classic films, rock and roll, music history and celebrity pop culture. I feel strongly that all these influences formed a collage of ideas that fused my calling as an artist.

I'm fascinated with the process of creation. My dreams and visions are endlessly inspired. When I have a dream, I have a ferocious desire to capture that vision into a work of art. My mission is to do my work well, and to do it accurately and thoroughly. I've always strived to be a versatile artist in order to have a body of work that's full of variety. I draw and paint subject matter that I love and that intrigues me, whether it's a memory of walking through a rainstorm to meet a friend I haven't seen in years or the passion of a rock singer who's blown my mind.

My goal is to communicate my love of and fascination with my subjects to my viewers. I want people to enjoy the work. I feel a supreme sense of purpose to make art I'm proud of and to share it with others. When I connect with someone through my art, it always inspires me to continue making more.


I was born and raised in Helena, Montana. After I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco in 2013, I moved to Carmel Valley, California. I live and love to draw and paint representational subject matter that moves and inspires me such as my favorite musicians, stars of films, books, animals and events inspired by my own life. In my three years on the peninsula, my paintings have been juried and selected for exhibition and inclusion in a number of local venues, including The Sunset Center, The John Steinbeck Center, Open Ground Studios and The Monterey Rock and Roll Experience. Currently, I'm enjoying selling prints of my drawings and paintings to collectors worldwide and working as a painting instructor at Open Ground Studios in Seaside, CA.


Photographer: Christina Sevilla

Editor: Emily Stueven